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    School of Marxism Studies is mainly responsible for the teaching of ideological and political theory for both the undergraduates and the postgraduates. It consists of one General Office and four teaching and research offices, namely, the teaching and research office of the basic principle of Marxism, the teaching and research office of Marxist sinicization, the teaching and research office of the ideological and political education and the teaching and research office of modern history of China. It also has such organizations as general affairs committee, teaching affairs committee and academic committee, assisting in daily management.

    The school currently has 50 staff members, 3 of them are administrators. Among the full-time teachers, there are 4 professors, 8 associate professors, 9 lecturers, and 14 of them are Ph.D.

    The school adheres to the university’s educational philosophy of "distinguishing features, high quality and internationalization” and “loving students first and cultivating students foremost". We work relentlessly to push forward teaching reform and innovation according to the talent-training scheme of NAU. The school persists in reforming Ideological and Political theory teaching mode and sets diversified courses for different kinds of students. We combine theory teaching with the ideological upgrading of students, aiming to develop them into knowledgeable and all-round talents, qualified for   the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

    In the future, School of Marxism Studies will continue to explore a featured teaching mode, tailor teaching and training according to personalized needs, vigorously promote teaching efficiency and enrich our campus culture so as to make greater contribution to the cultivation of inter-disciplinary talents.

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    Tel: 86-25-58318957